standing out is the easy part.

It's being remembered and generating action. That's the real magic.

At Mac and Bern Creative we simply love making clients look great. Telling the story behind the story with the kind of visuals that will make a lasting impression and the kind of campaigns that stay top of mind.

Mac and Bern's top down approach to the creative process ensures a cohesively integrated outcome few agencies can match - blending traditional media, digital and design with in-house production not only provides immense benefits to our clients, it's also a tonne of fun.

Today it’s not about what you say. . .it’s about how you impact people and how you make them feel. It’s the kind of experience you give somebody and what you leave them thinking about after that interaction.

So we built Mac and Bern Creative around that ethos.

We’re hard critics. If the creative doesn’t move us, if it isn’t inspiring - then it won’t see production - and back to the drawing board we go.

So we do things differently - we find extraordinary in the everyday. Beauty in normality. We don’t so much promote our clients as tell their truths in a way that is unmistakably disarming, authentic and relatable.

Video - A 5 letter word.

Video. . . see we kind of look at video as a dirty word to be honest. Video to us is that nasty, mass-produced social media fodder. . . the kind of stuff that’s here today, forgotten in a flick of the thumb.

We produce films. We labour in pre-production, carefully crafting the narrative. We shoot on RED 8K Digital Cinema Camera’s for their unmatched aesthetic and image quality. We pore over post production and if you watch one of our pieces, you’ll see why we are so bold as to call them films.

They feel different to what you’ve seen before. They’re memorable. They leave a lasting impression. Your impression.