For Lease - Tenancy T2.103

(Our office in the Kontiki Building - We’re moving!)


High Profile Tenancy in the Kontiki Business Centre, Maroochydore’s premier corporate towers.

So we’re moving out and want to lease our space. Bittersweet, because we love it here, but a once in a lifetime opportunity came knocking and that’s why we’ve decided to move.

There’s 62 square metres here of a relatively blank canvas. All we did was leave a portion of the roof out because well, it looks cool as shit aaaand run all the gige data and power points we could ever dream of to allow multiple workstations. Oh and put dimmers on the lights. We’ve got windows here which is cool and also some curtains (which we put in ourselves) so we can work in the dark when we want, which is alot because everybody knows the best things happen in the dark. . .well in creative land anyway where colour corrected imagery is concerned.

Our internet connection is super fast, Fibre, direct to the premises. We had it installed specially and is not an NBN connection - it’s uncontended - which is great when it comes to data, as even Mother Teresa wouldn’t have shared a fibre connection unless she absolutely had to. . .

Anyway - I hate writing - so I made this epicly long video over yonder to go on about all the stuff you should know, like how much you’ll love working. eating, working out, getting loose at the pub and generally loving the Kontiki kind of work/life balance - which is what I’ll miss most about this place - that and the people. The people are actually cool. . .well, most of them. There’s always a few weird ones in any place, one less when I leave. ;)

There’s 2 dedicated secure car parks included, so parking is not a pain and it’s super easy for visiting clients to find. Also a bonus.

A space is a space is a space. . .but this space, in this location with this exposure. . .pretty bloody rare.

Don’t muck about - We want to be out of here ASAP.

Hit us up, we’ll give you the full low down and you can come drink the Kontiki Kool Aid with us in person. :)
0421 891 518