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Mac and what?



Mac and Bern Creative is a boutique creative agency based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, servicing clients nationwide. Helmed by Creative Director and Cinematographer, Christian Fitzpatrick, a blend of diverse skillsets amongst the team at M&B make for a unique offering for clients that require an exceptional outcome from their visual communication.


At our core we are a digital media production company - blooded in commercial production and awarded for our imagery - but the scope of our understanding and engagement is far from just moving pictures.

Working with a team of like-minded creatives, Mac and Bern deliver the kind of visually stunning integrated campaigns that resonate with today’s audiences in a way that few agencies can match. One vision, beautifully executed, across multiple mediums.


Digital content and Brand perception is about so much more than what you post on social media, how your ads are designed and what your content looks like.

Today, it’s about how you make people feel and not only that, but whether or not the experience you provide is memorable and enriching. At Mac and Bern Creative, we take pride in delivering on all fronts. Every time.


If it’s not inspiring - it’s not worth putting Your name to.


 The Mac and Bern Story

It’s important to practise what you preach. . .to own your words and be true to yourself and your mission. That’s what we tell our clients in early creative meetings and it’s what we strive to embody ourselves.

It is for that reason that we produced the video below. . .to not only help provide a deeper level of understanding but also that connection that we claim to be so important. It’s our hope that you feel the genuine intention that is at the core of our work and client experience. Please watch it and let us know what you think.



From concept to design, digital marketing to content marketing, television commercials (TVC) to corporate video for businesses big and small in any industry - We don’t so much promote our clients as tell their truths in a way that is unmistakable, disarming, authentic and relatable.



At Mac and Bern Creative we simply love making clients look great. It’s in our blood. But in today’s digital landscape, it’s really our understanding of integrated campaigns that separates us from the herd.

When it comes to presenting your brand online, a strategy driven campaign empowered by engaging creative makes all the difference.


Today’s market is saturated with average ideas achieving average results. Mac and Bern Creative put the work into finding the right story to tell, visually extrapolating that across all mediums to ensure our clients are connecting powerfully with their customers.

Our unique creative process is one that yields incredibly authentic, moving and relatable results, on brand and on message.


For any creative thinker, craft is everything. At Mac and Bern Creative craft, creative, campaign and content are all intertwined so as to be inseparable.

Cinematography is what started the obsession and it’s Mac and Bern Creative’s ability at capturing the moving picture the way they do that gives their clients a distinct advantage in their marketplace.


When it comes to content, you get what you give. So when we approach any content driven campaign, we give it everything and apply the same principles and thoroughness of approach, no matter what the budget.

It’s that extra effort that makes our clients content stand head and shoulders above the rest whether the budget is $500 or $500,000.



At Mac and Bern Creative, we strive not only to create the best work for our clients - but also ourselves. It’s this commitment to craft and painstaking attention to detail that has seen our work take home awards from both the Australian Cinematographers Society and the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club in stacked categories filled with the exceptional work of our peers.

Judged by a panel of industry experts and peers - we are humbled and incredibly proud to be able to share these achievements.

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Australian Cinematographers Society - GOLD - 2017

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Australian Cinematographers Society - Silver - 2017

ACS Logo.png

Australian Cinematographers Society - Silver - 2017

ACS Logo.png

Australia Cinematographers Society - Silver - 2018

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BADC - Silver - 2018 - Cinematography - Over 60 Seconds.

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BADC - Bronze - 2018 - Cinematography - Over 60 Seconds.

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Australian Cinematographers Society - Bronze - 2016


The work.


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