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About Mac and Bern Creative

Mac and Bern Creative was birthed to loving parents, Kate and Christian Fitzpatrick in February of 2017.

Having owned independent production companies for many years, writing, shooting and editing the moving image, Christian's growth into a Creative Director role at Mac and Bern was both organic and natural.

As more and more clients came to require creative services outside the realm of production they grew into the role of creative agency, helping their clients with all their needs and ensuring their creative vision was realised in a consistent experience across all mediums on all the projects they undertook. Clients loved the top down approach. Christian and Kate loved seeing it all come to life just as planned. . .and and the best thing, it really worked.

Working with a great team to realise the end product for their clients is now key - From initial concept development and creative outlines, through to design, printing, media and placement - doing it all isn't easy - but if you ask their clients - They'll tell you, the results are more than worth it.

Christian is a Creative Director / Director and award winning cinematographer. 37 years old. Awesome wife. 2 kids.